Our Story

Accurate Office Supply Co. is a fourth-generation, family owned business. Founded in 1946 by Randall Krelle, we originally opened as a pen store located on West Washington Street in Chicago’s near-west loop. The business transformed to a corner retail office supply store, and in 1956 James “Popeye” Krelle Sr. purchased the business and expanded the platform to become a full contract-stationer doing business-to-business, next-day fulfillment. In 1982, James Krelle Jr. (3rd Generation) moved the company from Chicago to Lombard to better serve the growing business presence in the surrounding suburbs. In 2000, the company moved to its current headquarters in Carol Stream, Illinois.

Today, Accurate Office Supply Co. is owned and operated by brothers Joe and Louis Krelle. It is one of the largest, independently owned office products dealers in the Chicago area. Bolstered by its affiliation with national buying and marketing groups whose combined sales exceed $1.8 billion, Accurate Office Supply Co. is well positioned to remain a major player in the competitive Chicago market.

Our company’s dedication to service remains the top priority today. As the digital world continues to expand, we see a growing need in the market for personal interaction. At Accurate Office Supply, we believe that people matter, and business relationships founded on transparency, trust and honesty add exceptional value to the customer and differentiate ourselves from the competition. We invite you to try Accurate Office Supply and move your supply sourcing to the next level.

Accurate Office Supply: Where business relationships matter.



What Customers are saying...

Hi Terry, Brian called me yesterday and got me going on the new website. IT’S AWESOME!  Now when I type in a description several choices come up! When I accidentally leave my quick list before hitting the “Save to my cart” button, I don’t loose my choices on my list. What impresses me the most is how fast the site works. Other office supply vendors and retailers sites can’t compare.  I find them frustratingly slow. Your website is instantaneous. Thanks so much!

Kim Smuda, Carol Stream, IL


Service, price and a delivery driver that knows everything about us, what we order and where it needs to go when it gets here. Accurate has made supply ordering simple and error free. They are the best I have ever used in Chicago.

Tim Donnaly, Chicago, IL

Let's talk about fast, I ordered at 5:45 the night before and it's on my desk before noon the next day Accurate makes me look great and lets me shine in my fast-paced, deadline packed work environment.

Joe Buccholz, West Chicago, IL

My rep is the best I have ever worked with, he is timely, knowledgeable and always available.

Janeen Obrien, Geneva, IL

Competitive and responsive. I'll never go back to big box store after working with this company. Trustworthy, honest and great business practices. They truly do business the way it works for me.

Tom Wallace, Detroit, MI


Accurate Office Supply · 260 Gerzevske Ln. · Carol Stream, IL 60188 Phone: (800) 621-5056 · (630) 784-4700 · Fax: (630) 784-4747
Regular Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:45 PM


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