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Our website is designed with you, the customer, in mind. With a myriad of tools to help get to the items you need faster and easier so you can get back to the jobs that matter most. Welcome to our website and an easier way to keep your office supplied!






Home Page:

If you ever get lost on our site simply click on our company logo to go back to our home page. From here all your options are available: Search, Account, Category, Rebates & Offers and Ink/Toner search. We also have taken the time to highlight our preferred brands and some key items that add value.






Loaded with features to empower the buyer and make purchasing supplies easy. A quick summary of the features available:

Contract Catalog: Search through your contract items only. A great way to save money and control spending.
Quick Lists: Put your favorite items in a list. Tired of looking up what ink model number you need? Add it to a toner quick list!
History: Search by product ID, manufacture, keyword or description. If you bought it, you can find it here. 
Saved Carts: Save a cart and revisit later. Add items throughout the day until you are ready to submit. 
Activity: Reference recent web orders before they are delivered. See what a department is purchasing. Are you an accounts payable person? Take a look at any open invoices that have not been paid. 
Account Admin: Make a myriad of adjustments to users access and reporting. 
Budgets Admin: Manage your monthly budget numbers to reign in spending
Approve Orders: Are you a supervisor or superuser? Click here to review, discard or approve pending orders. 




History Look-Up:

Office products is a cyclical business. We know you buy the same paper pad, black pen and Post-it. Rather than searching for product in our general catalog, go back into your history and search for those items you know the office uses and loves. 





My Quick Lists:

Your office has a preferred list of supplies. This is the electronic version of that list. Put a general list together of office products. Create a list of coffee, soda and cups on a break room list. The possibilities are endless. 





Departmental Usage Inquiry:

You have departments and you have a spending history! See this information summarized and easy to access. If you have a monthly budget, then compare actual spend to budget to see who and when departments are overspending. 





Approve Orders:

This is your portal to approve, modify or decline all orders routed for approval.





Please contact your Sales Representative or Customer Service for assistance. Thank you!


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